Welcome to EachTeach Radio


Eachteach Mission Statement

"It is the mission of Eachteach Radio to participate in and reflect the diversity of its community by presenting a program service which addresses the community’s education, information, cultural, andentertainment needs.
Within the limits of the station’s format, Eachteach Radio should and will:
1 | Serve as a community development station providing a reliable electronic communications facility for the residents of the EachTeach broadcast area.
2 | Inform citizens of the significant issues facing society, thus contributing to the development of a community capable of dealing intelligently with those issues and providing a forum for citizens of the community to express those opinions.
3 | Entertain and enrich the lives of our listeners by presenting the significant and diverse in the fields of music, the arts, and ideas in an appealing, professional way that will tend to encourage new insights to life, people, and relationships in a changing world.
4 | Reflect credit upon ourselves, Eachteach Community Radio, and our listeners by holding to high standards, by serving the whole and diverse community, and by achieving local, regional, and national attention due to program excellence and outstanding performance.