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Eachteach Radio Catchup

Name: Colin McDonald “Artist Talk Back Show”

Date:  12/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Dolby D Album Interview

Name: Yvette Rivers “Cultural Connections”

Date:  12/05/2018   
Topic / Interviewee: Guest Speaker Caroline from ‘Think Tank 720’

Name: Zabina & Lavina “Righteous & Rachet Show”

Date:  10/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee:  Relationships

Name: Khalid & Kamel “General Talk Show”

Date:  09/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee:  Relationships

Name: Grant Murrell “The Big Business Show”

Date:  15/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee:  Mr C McDonald

Name: Cali and Lloyd “Topical Debate & Discussion Show”

Date:  18/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee: