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February 12, 2018

Vocal Training

Are you afraid of rejection or failure?

Do you ever worry that you’re not good enough?

Has your voice ever gone hoarse when you needed it to be strong?

Do you get frustrated and over whelmed by the legalities, language and vocabulary, of contracts?

Have you almost given up because you feel your big chance has come and gone?

If you said yes to any of the above, I hear you. I know it all too well as I’ve been there too, and we’re about to change all that.

Here’s how:

In the Star Builder programme, you will discover the 7 Steps to help you build a great foundation to base your music career on, so that you can create the career you’ve always dreamed of.
Step1 – Sound Mind
Take a giant step and find out how to prepare for success, and eliminate performance anxiety.

Step 2 – Sound Voice
Unlock your voice using the fundamentals building blocks, vocal techniques and exercises that can improve your vocal precision and strength

Step 3 – Vocal Performance
Experience a treasure trove of tools to develop your own captivating signature sound and memorable personal vocal style

Step 4 – Music Business
Get to know your rights and learn how to select your success team members to assist and protect your creativity

Step 5 – Image and Branding
Be inspired by the large canvas of inspiration to create your unique image and style, that will help you stand out from the crowd

Step 6 – Promotion
Discover how to nurture and grow some effective ways to use your social network platforms

Step 7 – Getting Gigs
Learn how to Get to paying gigs, so that you can be heard and be remembered
These 7 Steps are full of insiders secretes. They are raw, simple and true.
You’ll wonder how you would ever managed without them.

You can decide today and reap the benefits now, because you’re worth it.

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