Vocal Training
February 12, 2018

Image and Branding

Wire Foundation have found that trainees who complete our programmes, see the benefits of this knowledge some take this experience to further their education in this particular field some also take on work experience within the sector.

A young person who completes this programme will be able to approach the workplace of Graphic Design, with understanding and tools that are necessary for the industry we will support each young person throughout the tailored training course. We will start from the breaking down a consultation process, how to deliver artwork and to the end designed and produced product, we will structure set time limits and given realistic deadlines, for such a dynamic industry.

It is imperative to meet deadlines with a good quality of design set for print; these trainees will also be able to approach colleges and or universities, adequately trained for today's world of graphic design for print and website development.

This over time will become a regular course and we are currently looking into accreditation to aid access levels. Requirements from students are to commit to the structured work programme, over time they will be employable designers who will have total confidence in their ability to take a brief, use the programs and meet tight deadlines.

The work produced will be of high standard, and at a level that the industry can identify with. The final portfolios will give the trainee confidence to approach graphic design positions.

Design skills once acquired can be used for; T-Shirts caps for the fashion industry etc.

Points covered throughout the programme;
Health and safety
Understanding goals targets and deadlines)
Plan and execution of design)
  • TEXT AND TYPOGRAPHY (Placing and flowing text Selecting and editing text)
Using rulers, grids and guides
Using the palettes per programme software Concept ideas and applying themes)
FINESSING TEXT & IMAGE CONTENT (Setting text frame options Document baseline grids Frame-based baseline grids Using special characters)

Training will be delivered at our studio course dates will be made possible to youth organisations between terms and delivered out of national curriculum term times or for work experience placements.
Organised bookings for statutory services, youth based projects and referral units are available.

We also have job opportunities for experience freelance designers and young adults who would like opportunity to generate revenue within the advertising and marketing industry.

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