Jai Jai & Mikki
The Phenomenal You Show

This award-winning show airs Sundays 7pm-9pm. Meet the dynamic duo who comprise The Phenomenal You Show: Jai Jai, holistic self-care advocate and Mikki, the wellness coach hailing from Miami on a biweekly basis.

This show will astound you as they provoke discussion and share insight and knowledge on a broad range of subjects vis a vis, relationships, life changes, gender maladies and everything in between. Be sure to tune in!

BitterSweet Musical Thought Play

A singer/song writer, rapper, mother & DJ amongst many things,  MysSouljah knows how to throw down music to a next level. Her chic, melodic radio voice takes you to places  that she creates with her well versed genre of music. 

MysSouljah is straight shooting and her intimate selection has made many hot under the collar – she is Mys Souljah, taking you on a journey of pain, loss, love and passion!

Colin McDonald
Artist Talk Back Show

Colin McDonald - Business & Finance Show 9pm - 11pm

Colin McDonald is an Entrepreneur who holds many titles, Director, Producer, Author, International Choreographer, Qualified Teacher, Property Developer, Compere, MC & World Record Holder. 


Done by Colin & Klaus on Sun 21st June 2020.

Fxfarm Signup: http://fxfarms.com/SignUp?pos=R&cid=FX-3GR2

Karimah Detervile
K2 / Ours Project

Karimah is a singer/songwriter and director of the Owl’s Project.

The Owl’s project is an organic music collective of artists, musicians, MC’s and many more; all collaborating together to add value to the much needed community cohesion. Karimah’s energy and love for life beams through the airwaves of this world. Her incredible show will have your head nodding and your hands clapping.

Grant Murrell
The Big Business Show

Grant Murrell aims to apply a combination of coaching and mentoring techniques to greatly enhance the skills of creative people and entrepreneurs.  He uses these skills to develop his listeners on Eachteach Radio. Grant is a great Coach who mentors individuals and companies from around the globe.

DJ Weng Weng
Infinity Studios

Infinity Studios was formed in the late 70’s and have played with sounds locally, nationally and internationally.

DJ Weng Weng is a flexible, experienced and dynamic DJ. He can play all genres of music and has a selection of dub plates (exclusive records done by famous artists) that put Infinity as one the best sounds around.

Lascelles Williams
The Mask

Lascelles is an out going personality; bubbly, full of energy and enthusiasm with a positive attitude towards life.

Lascelles’ talk show is leading up to his one man stage show ‘The Mask’ where he looks to uncover our underlining thoughts, fears and inhibitions. Lascelles wedding show was absolutely ground breaking and had people across the work watching him take his vows. Lascelles brings honesty and directness seldomly heard from presenters and with his co presenter they make a dynamic team. 

Ingrid Rueda

Ingrid Rueda is a Columbian-British singer/songwriter, guitarist and radio presenter. She is a lover of life and is passionate about freedom of expression.

Throughout her career, Ingrid has been part of several music productions and Latin bands in England and has extensive experience as a live performer worldwide.

“Epic Times with I.Rueda” 17.06.20 live from Mexico. (First Ever Show)
“Epic Times with I.Rueda” 01.07.20 live from Mexico (Show 3)

Rodney Cyrus
On and Off the Pitch Talk Show

Rodney Cyrus is a well-versed football pundit. With his vast amount of experience and knowledge, he is able to dissect all areas of the football genre with no ambiguity or bias.

He often has guest co-hosts from around the globe, adding banter and comical classing around the mystical arts of football.

Miss T
Family Vibes at Bonding School

Teamara Adams, aka Miss T, is the CEO of Bonding School, an award winning CMA Registered ‘Good with outstanding areas’ Childminder and mother to The 3 J’s.  Join her family vibe show on Sunday’s from 5pm-7pm (GMT). 

Miss T’s show will include news catch up, parentpreneur interviews, let’s talk with our children, artist of the week, bonding award nominations and an array of music to keep you entertained. She may even spill a bit of tea with her own artistry on topics locally, nationally and internationally.   

DJ Kyidom Bright


Kyidom Bright is a Broadcast Journalist, Publicist, Brand Promoter. Host of Afrocentric Drive Every Friday out of Ghana, Africa. Promoting indigenous African Music, Celebrity And Personality interviews and More.

His show is indicative of the homegrown talented network of the high class presenters coming straight out of Ghana. After the  “Year Of Return” an initiative launched by President Nana Akufo Addo in 2018 as a program for Africans to  in the Diaspora to unite and return to their homelands. Eachteach Radio is eager to work with individuals and companies from Ghana.

Mansa Musa
Poetry in Motion Show

Mansa Musa is one of those rare poets who can transport you to the place of his poetry in word.

He is also a Guinness World Record Holder for the longest Continuous Group Rap, which he attained in 2013.  Check out this link for documentary highlights; it was an incredible display of dedication and teamwork.

Musa’s shows explore the art of poetry, inviting guests from all walks of life as he dissects and debates  the noble art of Poetry. 

Shea Butter Trust
and Tagnificant Multimedia

The purpose behind ‘Shea Butter Trust‘ is to support communities in Ghana to be self-sustaining by growing, nurturing and harvesting Shea. From their harvest, they produce high quality raw organic produce.This Show is designed to help them to grow their membership and sell their high end products.

Rasheeda McDonald
Audio Stories

Rasheeda is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, who has trained from the age of 5 years old. She is in an athletics team, and is Miss Go Get It. 

Rasheeda loves to debate and wrote her first audio book at the tender age of 13 years old. She adds youth, desire and enthusiasm to Eachteach Radio and is one of the founding pillars of our ethos “it takes a village to bring up a child”.

Ms Yvette
The Cultural Connections Show

Ms Yvette has a background in teaching and draws on these skills as she expresses her passion for people and the world around us as she presents The Cultural Connections Show.

Her shows consists of topical debates about world affairs and often has interviews with guests with areas of specialism.  This is a show that is both gripping and endearing, that will get you thinking and re-evaluating your viewpoint. 

Peter Phillips
Hard Talk Show

The Peter Phillips Talk Show has an array of topical debates about current affairs and other subject matters. 

Peter’s shows also incorporate music from a variety of genre’s from reggae to afro beats that will have you head nodding and foot tapping.

DJ Fraggs
Poetic Funk Show

DJ Fraggle, aka Frags, interacts and helps individuals and groups to network with friends and like-minded people who really like to transport their minds back to the days of the vibe and music of yesteryear Funk, Boogie, Jazz Funk and 80’s Soul. 

The people who loved to dance and get down are also the people who loved the peace and love of the era. If that’s you, we know you’ll love this show.

Linford Anderson
60 Days til Glastonbury

Linford is a singer, song writer, entrepreneur and ex youth worker who has inspired, motivated and helped direct the destiny’s of many including one of the Directors of Eachteach Radio. Linford has taken on the challenge to be a performer at Glastonbury and will be posting his journey to reach his final destination, which will be on the Glastonbury stage.
Linford is a Pastor originally from Balham, his creativity has to be seen to be believed. He is always upbeat, positive and always has a plan. His helpful nature radiates and is contagious to all around – ETR intends to support him on his quest to Glastonbury.

Fat Freddie M

Former Kiss FM DJ, Fat Freddie M has linked up with Eachteach Radio. Fat Freddie is one of those ORIGINAL Old skool DJs who can and will play an eclectic style and selection of music. Fat Freddie’s history is so deep, he has been at the  forefront of the majority of trends playing music. He was involved with the Hip-Hop scence (MAJOR), he was involved with the Basketball scence (MAJOR), has was involved with the Reggae scence (MAJOR), he was involved with the Jazz scence (MAJOR). Fat Freddie has over a multitude of years been involved with Youth work in an array of arenas and has dedicated a large majority of his life helping, mentoring, saving and inspiring young people – A True Entertainer!

Reflect Couture

Reflect Couture is a family run business created to provide reflective images of children of colour.

‘Reflect’ offers an array of merchandise with it’s introductory characters, Mosiah and Zummi. Check out the Reflect Couture website for more information.

Trevor Davy
Ft Singing Sensation Andre Melody Palmer

Trevor Davey is one of those rare individuals who musical genius has be be seen to be believed. 

The Director of Severe Imprint, his own record label,  we see him and Andre Melody Palmer just messing about with no rehearsals but what you will witness is pure brilliance and WORLD CLASS talent.

Sit back and watch as they both showcase raw talent. If this is what they do when their messing about, image when there serious.

 – Conquer All Fears And Live In True Enlightenment –

Colt 45

Colt45 started doing Robotics in the early ‘80s which led him into breakin throughout school where he then went into the graffiti side of the Hip- Hop Culture.

Colt started getting more actively interested in doing the music and  DJing side, during 1986. Through this, Colt started to make music with the crew, ‘AKA’ which was himself and Nihal. They went on to do a track called ‘Hardcore 1’, which was produced by Dexter, and then they went from there to release tracks under the banner of AKA. 

Colt produced a few other tracks including a Non-Smoking track for MTV, and then formed the group Muddy Funksters, which got signed back in 1994 to a record label called ‘Go Beat / Go Disk Records. Colt also has a legendary yearly well renowned Hip-Hop Barbecue which has been going for more than 11 years!

Colt is a Scratch DJ, he’s also a Mix DJ and can play multiple styles, to entertain a varied audience setting.

Peak Performance

Join your host Richard Pups – Personal Trainer, Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, and Wellness Coach, and weight maintainer of the year – to speak about the solutions to everyday problems.

See things from a different perspective and learn how to use each situation that you go through to benefit you. Casual conversations with Richard and other experts and friends will include more than following the Status Quo, we will also be playing devil's advocate to discuss different views and perspectives. You'll get practical tips, resources, and guidance while gaining a down-to-earth and deeper understanding of what it means to be human – and how health is linked to everything.We always finish on a positive note so listen in and start feeling a little more human today.