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Name: Colin McDonald “Artist Talk Back Show”

Date:  17/07/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Tony Bernard-Grout (One of the Organisers of “The Met Police Dancing Competition”

Name: Yvette Rivers “Cultural Connections”

Date:  12/05/2018   
Topic / Interviewee:  Caroline Namugabi, Writer Author and Director of Thinktank720

Name: Zabina & Lavina “Righteous & Rachet Show”

Date:  10/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee:  Relationships

Name: Khalid & Kamel “General Talk Show”

Date:  09/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee:  Relationships

Name: Grant Murrell “The Big Business Show”

Date:  15/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee:  Mr C McDonald

Name: Cali and Lloyd “Topical Debate & Discussion Show”

Date:  18/05/2018
Topic / Interviewee:

Name: Creative Alliance “A Platform for Creative Minds”

Date:  20/5/2018

Topic / Interviewee: 

Name: Dj Fraggle “Poetic Funk Show”

Date:  19/5/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Dj Pogo

Name: Musa “Poetree In Motion Show”

Date:  16/5/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Ramadam

Name: Empress Tojuke “The Nubian Empire Show”

Date:  20/5/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Discussing the three P’s!!

Name: Rodney Cyrus “On And Off The Pitch” Talk Show

Date:  26/5/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Football debate

Name: Jai Jai “The Phenomenal You Show”

Date:  27/5/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Father & Daughter Relationships

Name: Molara “The Original Loud Mouth Show”

Date:  2o/5/2018
Topic / Interviewee:

Name: Peter P “Hard Talk” Debate and Topic Show

Topic / Interviewee:

Name: Sandra Pinnock “Xsandy’s Business Show”

Topic / Interviewee:

Name: Mica McDonald “Exclusive Interview” 

Date:  17/10/2018 
Topic / Interviewee: Life after multiple surgery ops

Name: Rasheeda McDonald “Exclusive Audio Story”

Date:  22/6/2016
Topic / Release Date: Friendship Audio Stories – Release July 2018 on Amazon!!!

Name: Colin McDonald “Artist Talk Back Show”

Date:  31/07/2018
Topic / Interviewee: DJ Snuff (End Of The Weak) and the up and coming World Final!!!!

Name: Fiona Shaw “Mys Souljah”

Date:  13/9/2018
Topic / Interviewee: Bitter Sweet Sundays”

Name: K2 Collective 

Date:  27/10/2018
Topic / DJ: Karimah Karma DeVille “In Da Mix”